Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

What is a recumbent exercise bike?

A recumbent exercise bike is a great way to help stay in shape.  Regular exercise helps to keep ourselves healthy and active for years to come.  Riding is a cardio exercise so it is one of the best ways to increase your heart rate for an extended period of time which is also one of the best ways to start losing weight.  Whether it is just a gentle exercise you are doing or a warm-up to a full blown workout, it is the right way to go!

You will be slightly reclining on the bike with a very straight and supported back. This results in very few back problems caused by exercising and is even ideal for somebody who already has a back problem. A big advantage over regular exercise bikes is that you will not be rocking and you pedal, and can comfortably watch tv or a movie as your exercise. This makes them a great choice for many gyms that have tv’s – in such gyms they are often the most popular aerobic equipment.

A lot of people tend to do the same at home and set up their garage (or place of workout) with a tv and exercise on their recumbent exercise bike while watching a regular tv program. This makes it much easier to get out there and do exercise everyday as it takes away from the boredom and monotony of a regular workout. They do not burn quite as many calories as a regular bike, but you can make this up easily by adding another 5 minutes or so on to your workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes are becoming much more commonplace is homes now-days and the quality and features of these bikes is really soaring right now. A modern recumbent exercise bike is quiet, ergonomical, good looking (so will look fine in your home) and feature packed to help make your workouts more fun and easier to get started on. Usually setting up an recumbent exercise bike is actually pretty easy. As long as you buy from a respected manufacturer the parts should fit precisely and there won’t even by that many parts to put together. By yourself setting up a recumbent exercise bike should take you less than an hour, and all the tools you need should be included in your purchase.

Once set up it is time to adjust your seat to your ideal position so that you feel as comfortable as possible as you are cycling. Once you have found the right position you can get started! Most recumbent exercise bikes will come with a load of of reprogrammed workouts so that you can get started. Some will even change resistances as you go to make it a more realistic experience simulating going up and down hills.

Most come with water holders which I find very convenient as my workouts often go on for an hour, and the sweat desperately needs replenishing. We will do our best to look at each individual model that is released and find out all the pros and cons to make it easy for you to find the recumbent exercise bike with all the features that you need, such as “does it have a heart rate monitor”, and let you know what we consider the best bike for the purpose.

You may find that walking or jogging on a treadmill would burn a lot of calories and exercise a lot of your muscles than using an exercise bike.  However, the most benefits of an exercise bike are they are easier to store in your garage or in your house, cheaper to buy, and no membership, plus you can use it year round.  It has less impact on your body.  Make sure your exercise bike seat is smooth to ride and is comfortable even though it does not exercise your inner thigh muscles as much as a regular bike.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits

It removes some discomfort that you may find with regular bikes due to the long period of riding.  They can cause the bodily discomfort because they are designed for such human body under that stress condition.  They can cause more harm and good to your body.  These troublesome can be avoided if you have use recumbent exercise bikes instead of regular ones.

The design of recumbent exercise bike makes your work out enjoyable and ease.  The reclined position make less tension on your arms and lower back.  This feature can avoid the pressure on your nerves in arms, shoulders and lower-back.  It gets rid of intensive pain or numbness or even a serious injury.  On top of that, it provides a position that is similar to chair sitting or couch sitting position.  In this comfortable position, it allows you to watch television or listen to your favorite music while pedaling.

You’re so relaxed that you tend to workout longer before you know it. On top of that, you can recline your body in such way that the seat can distribute your body weight evenly.  Then you won’t have the problem with too much stress on your pubic bone and blood circulation.   These are just a few benefits of recumbent exercise bike, please continue reading here to find out more benefits of these bikes.

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