Stationary Bike Vs Treadmill

We often find ourselves confused when comparing stationary bike vs treadmill and deciding which the right option is. Those who use treadmills swear by the benefits and people who have been using a stationary bike, are completely satisfied with the results. However, to get to some concrete solutions and make the picture clear, one will have to make some good comparisons.

One will come across many different types of home fitness equipment and it is no surprise to see one get confused about making the right choices and to what will suit best for their particular needs and fitness goals. There is no doubt that both stationary bike and treadmill are excellent for work outs, easy to use and great calorie burners. It will be tough to decide as to which one is better as every individual is different and are his fitness goals as well as training capacities. Both these machines carry their advantages and one can weigh the pros and cons to decide the better exercising equipment for themselves.


Treadmills have been around for a much longer time as compared to stationary bikes and are more popular. You will find them a must in the list of home fitness equipment and are great for Cardio workout. These are easy to use and great for any type of aerobic workout. One can opt for any of those weight-bearing exercises like walking and running, and improve overall muscle tone as well as bone density. One will come across different kinds of brands and styles in treadmills from a number of different companies. There are continued product improvements made by different brands to woo the customers with better features. Treadmills today are not just limited to running or waking. One can also use them for interval training, cross training, incline Intervals etc.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are almost as popular as treadmill, although they have been here for a much lesser time. Offering a great overall aerobic workout, the popularity of these has only increased in the recent times. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular and best sellers for home fitness equipment. One will come cross many different brands in Exercise Bikes with different styles and features. One should buy one according to their needs and budget. The technology behind these bikes for exercise has improved vastly in the last few years. These machines are reasonably cheap and less expensive than treadmills.

They are simple and easy to use and almost anyone can use exercise bikes. One can look forward to a non-impact workout that is less strenuous and great for those who are new to exercising. Physical therapists advocate the use of these bikes for those with knee injuries and increasing their heart rate, without causing a stress to the body. Thus, these make for a great aerobic exercise machine at home.

Thus, if you are looking for higher fitness and want to lose weight and all at affordable costs, then, then stationary bike should be your first choice. Research shows when comparing stationary bike vs treadmill, that on an average, a person burns about 550 calories on a stationary bike.


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