Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout Plan

One of the latest technological innovations in the field of fitness is the recumbent exercise bike. It is similar to a regular exercise bike in terms of operation. However, it has a different, unique design. A regular exercise bike has a small seat that is located above the pedals. However, the recumbent exercise bike has a bucket seat which is fitted with a backrest and the pedals are located upfront so you have to stretch out our legs to reach them. This design prevents your butt and lower back from experiencing too much stress as you pedal. In next paragraph you will find some effective exercises that you can perform as a full body recumbent bike workout plan.

The recumbent bike also reduces strain on your neck, arms and wrists as you exercise. This bike allows you to hit two fitness goals. A recumbent exercise bike workout assists you to burn calories and also exercise the main muscles in the lower part of your body. By incorporating the recumbent bike in your workout regimen, you can slim down your body while toning your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calves. Here are some effective exercises that you can perform as a full body recumbent bike workout plan.



A comprehensive plan to use recumbent exercise bike to achieve maximum results & performance.

  1. Dynamic Stretches
  2. The regular HIIT workout
  3. Upper body component exercise
  4. Resistance training for your lower body muscles


1- Dynamic stretches

Each time you pedal on the recumbent bike, you work out many muscles at the same time. Moreover, you activate multiple lower body joints all at the same time. Therefore, if you do not warm up and loosen these muscles and joints before stepping onto the bike, you run the risk of injuring your muscles and tendons. There are some effective exercises that you need to perform prior to stepping upon a recumbent bike. They are known as dynamic stretches. These are fluid stretches performed in motion.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Dynamic Stretches

These stretches include walking lunges, knee high lifts, sideways bends, toe touches that are alternating as well as leg swings. In addition to these, you can perform trunk rotations and ankle bounces so as to warm up and stretch your lower body. These exercises should be performed in motion with no jerking stops in between them. As you engage in dynamic stretches, focus on moving in smooth motions and strive to increase the range of motion with each repetition you perform. 10 to 15 minutes of dynamic stretches should get you ready for the recumbent exercise bike workout.

2- The regular HIIT workout

One of the exercises that you can perform in the recumbent exercise bike workout plan is a HIIT session. It is very possible to engage in some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on this type of bike. In this exercise, proceed to pedal as hard as you can during the high intensity segment of the session and pedal slowly but firmly during the rest period. As you engage in this HIIT workout, seek to engage in intense sessions where you pedal until you are out of breath. This should be followed by sessions of relaxation and recovery.

HIIT workout-through-recumbent-bike

Avoid getting tempted to maintain a high intensity during the resting period. This prevents injury and allows your muscles to recover. If you can stretch out the rest period some more, your chance to burn fat is improved. HIIT exercises are about intensity and not the length of time that you exercise. Utilize a recumbent exercise bike that has a maximum level of 20. Once you find one, pick the manual program and keep adjusting the level as you proceed with your workout. The HIIT session should last for 20 minutes.

3- Upper body component exercise

It is possible to exercise your upper and lower body as part of the recumbent exercise bike workout plan. To accomplish this, pick up a set of light to medium weight dumbbells. Women can pick 8 to 10 lb (pounds) while men can pick 15 to 20 lb dumbbells. This exercise is normally conducted in intervals too. Proceed to get on the recumbent exercise bike as usual and have your arms at your sides holding the weights. Pedal until you have achieved a steady, medium to high speed momentum and you can feel the burn in your lower body muscles.


At this point, perform some upper body exercises with the dumbells. You can bend your elbows in a right angle and lift the dumbbells as though you are flapping your wings. These are known as side raises. You can also lift them up straight over your head in firm, steady repetitions known as shoulder presses. You can also perform some bicep curls as you ride the recumbent exercise bike. These movements help you to tone your forearms, shoulders and back muscles too. In addition to that, you will be burning fat in your body at a very high rate.

4- Resistance training for your lower body muscles

One of the ways to grow the strength and size of your muscles is through resistance training. This type of training creates maximized stress on the muscles involved. This makes them larger and stronger. You can accomplish this in the recumbent exercise bike workout plan too. Simply get on the bike and choose the Manual Program setting. This will allow you to change the levels as you wish.

recumbent bike lower body workout

After that, begin with a light to medium level to get your muscles warmed up. After that, go into the high level while squeezing and releasing your leg muscles. Squeeze and hold them as you pedal for 10 minutes. After that, relax them and pedal for another 6 minutes. Do this in intervals for a total workout session of 25 minutes. This will tone and strengthen your leg muscles stronger over time. It should feel like resistance training for your legs.


Recumbent exercise bike is designed such that it can help you to achieve fitness goals while preserving the health of your body. Its design prevents stress on your spine. This is a very important factor to consider in any fitness activity. You can engage in a variety of unique fitness activities as part of a recumbent exercise bike workout plan. Some of them have been indicated above. Always wear the right gym clothing as you utilize this machine. Moreover, observe safety by firmly fastening your feet on the stirrups.

It is also important to note that some machines require you to press a ‘Start button’ before you can proceed to use it. Others start up automatically once you begin to pedal. The recumbent exercise bike is an amazing technological machine to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are planning to buy recumbent exercise bike then you should read our top 10 reviews of recumbent exercise bikes reviews that will definitely help you choose the best machine for you.