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There are a lot of forms and shapes of exercises that you can choose and do as your daily or weekly exercise routine.  You can have aerobic exercise or running on treadmill machine or you can do exercise on stationary bike.  However, there is a great benefits of a recumbent exercise bike that you should be aware of.  It can help you alleviate the pressure on your knees.  That it where you won’t find this kind of benefit with most upright bikes.  Its great benefit is very useful for those who have experienced knee joint pains caused by doing regular exercise with the regular exercise bikes.  The most important benefit is you have a good cardio workouts without the feeling of pounding the pavement every time you get on an exercise bike.  You relieve a lot of stress on your knees and ankles.  By taking away most of the gravity and weight off your legs, you put the least amount of strain on your knees.

What is a recumbent bike?

This exercise bike places the rider in a reclining position. As you workout, your weight is distributed over a large portion of your body in order to reduce unwanted stress and strain. Many versions offer a variety of settings to work out different muscle groups. Settings can also be adjusted to simulate hilly or flat terrain.

What does a recumbent exercise bike do?

A recumbent exercise bike is a great way to help stay in shape.  Regular exercise helps to keep ourselves healthy and active for years to come.  Riding is a cardio exercise so it is one of the best ways to increase your heart rate for an extended period of time which is also one of the best ways to start losing weight.  Whether it is just a gentle exercise you are doing or a warm-up to a full blown workout, it is the right way to go!

If you use the gym you will have seen normal looking upright exercise bikes, but always wondered why they have and what the differences are, with a recumbent exercise bike.  Well, the main advantage with a recumbent exercise bike is the ergonomics.  With a recumbent bike, you are not putting anywhere near the kind of pressure on your back as you would with an upright bike.  So these are perfect for people who may be suffering, or have recently suffered with back problems of any kind.

Why use a recumbent exercise bike?

Uae a recumbent bike to get fit and stay toned. Exercise plans are difficult to stick with. Most experts suggest that you discover what you enjoy doing and begin there. Most people love riding bikes but are hindered from regular exercise sessions due to the weather. A stationary recumbent exercise bike lets you work out in the comfort of your own home no matter how cold or rainy it is outside.

Is a recumbent exercise bike good for weight loss?

Are you planning a workout to lose weight then recumbent bike is also a good option to burn calories because to lose weight you need to burn more calories then what you consume. If you use recumbent bike then you can loose 500 calories per day it means 3500 a week that equals to 1 pound (1 pound = 3500 calories).

Is recumbent exercise bike good for back pain?

The position of the body is completely different from an upright bike. A recumbent bike places you into a horizontal position. The design forces good posture to reduce muscle strain. A full seat and back supports are also installed.

Which muscle groups get the best workout on a recumbent exercise bike?

Bikes are designed to deliver a cardiovascular workout while you work the long muscles with little or no strain. Push the pedals at an anaerobic pace to get the most cardiovascular workout for your effort. Your heart muscle requires regular intervals of fast and slow speeds on the bike to reach an optimal level of operation. Push with your toes and follow through with your heels while keeping your hips stationary to maximize the effect.

Changing the focus of the workout to a different muscle group is as simple as changing how you push. Pointing with your toes will force the calf muscles to exert more work and pulling against the straps over your feet instead of pushing against the pedals will enhance the exercise of your hip flexor muscles. Push down to engage your hamstrings and try moving your arms to increase the cardiovascular effect. Combining a variety of motions while cycling will enhance the benefits.

Why recumbent bike is the best choice for me?

Biking protects the joints and keeps us flexible throughout life. The back supports on every bike ensure that our posture will remain intact and that there is minimal risk of debilitating injury. Biking provides safe amounts of life-extending cardiovascular activity and can be modified to suit every conceivable body shape and fitness level. The top reason for choosing one of these indoor/outdoor beauties is that they are easily transported and can be used no matter what the weather is while providing an enjoyable experience.

Selecting an exercise program should always be done after a consultation with your doctor. Finding a plan that you can do every day is much better than occasionally hitting the gym and working out past your capacity. An exercise bike allows you to gradually increase your endurance while safely building strong muscles. Consider your options and start the wheels turning.

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