Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

With numerous exercise bikes around in recent times, manufacturers have been turning up with newer and more motivating ways to construct their bikes are to be noticeable from the mass. One among the best ways of achieving this has been to deal with common problems that plague usual exercise bikes and discourage many prospective users from getting the one. To get a great relief from these issues, Exerpeutic has introduced its 400XL model folding recumbent exercise bike with immense features.

Basic facts about this exercise bike from Exerpeutic

This workout bike from Exerpeutic has been designed with two major, such as better ergonomics and space-competence. In spite of its foldable and frivolous design, this 400XL model workout equipment is strong and well constructed to manage the rigors of powerful exercises without excessive shaking or being otherwise painful during regular use. The design of the ergonomic recumbent seat works well at dipping pressure on the lower back and other problematic spots, which frequently pain during long exercises sessions on other equipment. These features make this exercise bike ideal for users who are prone to bothersome pains and aches.

The recumbent bike from Exerpeutic offers a smooth ride with extremely little or no noise and virtually no trembling even during the most dynamic workouts. This, pooled with its optimized seat plan, makes it appropriate for users of all age groups and with any of an extensive variety of health disorders that make usual exercise bikes intolerable.

Regarding ease of use, this 400XL model exercises equipment is common in this department. It comes with an LCD monitor with uncomplicated controls that are analogous to those exercised on other similar devices. Users previously acquainted with other workout bikes will know exactly the way to get around the assorted options and novices would not experience too much difficulty in finding their way around the instinctive controls either.

Features of the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Ergonomics design

The most noticeable features of the 400XL model workout bike of Exerpeutic lie in its ergonomics design, which is constructed with the storage and great portability improvements. Unlike other contemporary exercise bikes, this model exercise bike is designed with a horizontally adaptable semi-reclined seat, which allows for improved body positioning during exercises and decreases back pain and risks of wound. This feature makes this workout equipment appropriate for users who find standard exercise bikes very uncomfortable in addition to those with pre-existing disorders, such as backache or undergoing treatment that might make appropriate body positioning and reducing strain on convinced areas a top priority.


Regarding portability, the 400XL exercise bike comes equipped with wheels that create moving it around simple. It is so frivolous in design that weighs only 39 lbs (approx 17.7 kg), which is less than 50 % of the weight of other analogous bikes on the market.  When pooled with its compact foldable plan, it makes the bike effortlessly packed up and tucked away beneath a bed or in a cabinet. This feature makes this equipment ideal for those who are living in small spaces, or just would like the bike to be out of sight when it is not used.

Adequate resistance levels

This model workout bike comes with other beneficial features, such as eight resistance levels, which is sufficient to provide a civilized variety of options for people of all fitness levels.

It allows keeping track on fitness

This workout equipment comes with a LCD monitor through which you will be capable of keeping track of your fitness associated information, such as velocity, heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned during the exercises. This makes it easy to use to decide the optimal workout intensity quickly for user specific objectives.

Smooth and silent operation

Other handy feature of this exercise bike is the dual-drive transmission and evenhanded flywheel, which make your workout session an amusing one. This means that this workout bike provides the smoothest and most quiet exercises possible on a workout bike. This feature makes it ideal for watching television or chatting on the telephone while you ride devoid of being distressed by loud pedaling sounds.

Final Verdict

The 400XL model Folding Recumbent Bike from Exerpeutic is designed by keeping the space competence and portability in mind and performs a good job in both of these aspects. Its foldable plan makes it trouble-free to pack up and put beneath a couch or stash in a cabinet and the wheels make shifting it much easier than with usual exercise bikes. Furthermore, it’s relatively frivolous design makes it very easy to move up and down the4 stairs. Therefore, this workout equipment from Exerpeutic is a must-have item in every home of those who would like to enjoy a hassle-free workout session


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