Elliptical Bike vs. Stationary Bike

Elliptical Bike vs. Stationary Bike

If you are looking for the best home-based workout machines, there are various options worth considering. Some of these machines come with major advantages compared to others and especially depending with your preferences and workout needs. Elliptical and stationary bikes are some of the suitable options available but you will need to look at a number of things. For example in terms of calories burned, which offers you greater advantages when it comes to elliptical vs stationary bike? Which is easier to use and why? Below is a comparison of these two important options for you.

Comparison of calories burnt

Both the two different types of exercise machines are advantageous in that they offer high calorie burn when used as they should. However, stationary bikes burn more calories as compared to their elliptical exercise bikes according to researchers. Stationary exercise bicycles burn calories quicker and therefore people especially those who weigh more will burn more during their daily exercises than those using elliptical machines. According to exercise bike calorie burning calculations, using pedaling on a stationary bike for someone weighing 155 pounds will see them burn 391 calories within a 30-minute workout period compared to 335 calories for elliptical biker.

Elliptical vs stationary bike intensity

Elliptical exercise bikes are normally made for intense workout and involve both the lower and upper body sections. On the contrary, the stationary exercise bikes allow you to warm up a little bit before engaging in intensive weight-training routine or cardio. To start with, you can ride the bike for a few minutes to increase your heart rate and warm your body up.

Workout excitement

You can easily watch your TV while using the stationary exercise bikes since it is easy to control the movements. The machines are also less noisy. Some elliptical bikes are on the other noisy but the noise problem can be troubleshot to ensure that you only hear your music during the workouts. For this reason, looking at the elliptical vs stationary bike, the latter is better and allows for more entertainment during workouts.

Size and weight

Depending on space availability, elliptical exercise bikes come in handy as they do not require much in terms of space. These bikes are normally compact and do not have a lot of moving parts and therefore do not run the risk of easy breakdown. Stationary bikes are however easy to use for both men and women compared to the exercise bikes.

Cardio workout effectiveness

Both elliptical and stationary exercise bikes have some major advantages depending on the condition of the user. For example, stationary bikes are ideal for people with back and joint problems as one does not have to bear a lot of weight during the exercises. On the other hand, elliptical machines are considered ideal for people seeking for more intense workouts as they demand more in terms of energy. However, the two are not weight machines and should therefore be looked at as aerobic machines as they involve your lungs and heart. They are ideal for someone seeking to an accompaniment of their strength-training workouts with aerobic workouts.

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