DeskCycle Under Desk Stationary Mini Exercise Bike Review

DeskCycle is a popular brand that provide quality exercise bikes and good for providing high quality stationary bikes. Under Desk Mini Stationary bike is portable that keeps you focused, burn calories and improves productivity in your gym, office or at home. It works very well with desk as low as 27 inches.

Its smooth, quiet and healthy pedal motion lets you focus on your workout and easy on your joints. The digital recording system allows and monitor your distance, speed, calories and time. It has 8 calibrated resistance settings while other pedal exercisers only from 4 to 6 settings.

Key Features

  • Calibrated Resistance – It has 8 different calibrated resistance levels that allow you to choose for your workout.
  • Digital Monitoring – Beautiful LCD displays keep tracks of your distance, speed, calories burned and time during your workout sessions.
  • AMP your work style with Mini stationary exercise bike increases energy, improves mood and active circulation enhances productivity.
  • Share with the entire family from fitness lover to your little kid the DeskCycle Mini Stationary bike works for everyone.
  • Kick traditional cardio to the curb, its low-impact and joint-free cycling helps you conveniently burn your calories.


  • A good point about this bike is it can be used with sofa for older people having joint problems, you will feel better, calm and good mental clarity.
  • Silent, easy to use and install.
  • When you setup correctly and properly, your knees don’t hit the desk.
  • Straps are properly attached to pedals and well adjusted to make your workout awesome.
  • Variety of resistance settings allow different levels to choose.


  • Transportation is not easy because handle is not there.

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