Recumbent bike buyer guide

Buyer Guide

Recumbent Exercise bikes are the perfect blend of comfort and exercise. I know what you are thinking, how can comfort and exercise even exist in the same sentence?! Well if you haven’t tried a recumbent exercise bike before then you are missing out. While some people tend to gravitate towards the traditional upright exercise bike, I prefer the back support of the recumbent exercise bike. Which is what led me to publish recumbent exercise bike reviews. I have been in search of the perfect exercise bike for my needs.

I have back problems and sitting on an upright exercise bike with the uncomfortably tiny seat led me to start researching about different exercise bikes. That’s when I found out about the recumbent bike style and started doing research. I have compiled all my recumbent exercise bike reviews to make it a little easier for you when researching what’s the best recumbent exercise bike for your needs. Check out this post for a quick overview of the benefits of a recumbent exercise bike and comparison with upright bikes.

Are you buying a recumbent exercise bike then consider reading 4 important points

When looking to buy recumbent exercise bike there are several key points that you should keep in mind:

1- Price

Obviously the first one is budget. It’s always a good idea to have a certain price in your head before looking to purchase something. A lot of times we end up spending more than necessary because we haven’t set a realistic price in our mind and we end up getting caught up in the features.

2- Comfort

Comfort is the next important factor. As we all know, comfort is a subjective rating as what I may find comfortable you may hate. For the most part though, as you read through some of the recumbent exercise bike reviews from users on Amazon, you will find if one bike is generally more comfortable than others. Pay attention to the comfort features that are offered on each bike.

I personally like the bikes that have adjustable backs that move back or forward depending on your height. Those are especially useful if you aren’t the only person that will use the bike. Also see what adjustments the pedals have. Look where the arm rests or handles are located on the bike. Do they look like they are in a natural comfortable position for you? And how does that seat look? Remember comfort is everything on a recumbent exercise bike! Also how stable does the design look? Remember that as you are pushing yourself to the limit you are more likely to sway side to side and the last thing you want is having your recumbent exercise bike on top of you! Some models actually come with a “seat belt” if you will which may seem silly at first, is actually very nice for support. It took me awhile to get used to it but I find it’s actually quite helpful.

3- Features

Features are very important when looking through our recumbent exercise bike reviews. You will be spending a lot of time staring at that LCD screen so make sure it’s easy to read and it has everything you need. One key feature that I just can’t live without is the heart rate monitor. I’m a numbers person so it’s always nice to know that when I feel my heart beating out of my chest that it’s still in a safe level for my age. Pay attention to the various programs they have programmed in for the exercise bike, the more the better! If you enjoy the latest technological gadgets then also look for some of the nice features that are starting to come available like mp3 player integration.

4- Quality

One other very important factor is the quality of the rotational wheel mechanism. Some recumbent exercise bikes are smoother than others. Typically you get what you pay for in this case so keep that in mind when looking at some of the models. Something to keep an eye on when reading these recumbent exercise bike reviews is how many difficulty settings they have. You will find the better bikes will have more resistance levels that help recreate roadway riding without the extra strain that occurs on your back and joints. Please look into recumbent bike reviews and select one of the best bike for you.