Stationary Bike Workout Tips

5 Tips To Maximize Calories Burned On Stationary Bikes

The use of stationary bikes for cardiovascular exercises is one of the surest ways to keep your body fit and in shape. The bikes help enhance endurance and cardiovascular strength while at the same time burning calories in the body. While biking in itself will burn some calories, you can maximize on the amount of calories burned by following the tips below whenever using your stationary bike.

1. Increase the biking resistance:

Stationary bikes provide you with options to adjust resistance and therefore you can be able to maximize the amount of calories burned when biking. You can therefore add resistance in a way that you go for 70 to 80 revolutions per minute as a way of burning more calories and fat during exercises. Adjusting resistance will help your biking to imitate an uphill ride thus requiring more force. Additionally, you could increase resistance by adding ankle weights gradually but avoid too much load that might leave you breathless after a short time of exercising.

2. Engage your core

By engaging your abdominal muscles, you will stand a better chance of maximizing the calories burned during exercises. Engaging the abs allows you to enjoy a better work-out posture but this should be done in intervals to avoid making the exercises uncomfortable.

3. Power your peddling intensity

To burn calories more efficiently, you will need to push through your biking exercises by adding the momentums gradually. This means starting at a moderate speed before power increasing the intensity to a higher speed. Change the speed at different intervals to make the whole exercise interesting while at the same time minimizing the stress involved during the sessions. While at it, always try to maintain an elevated pace for a prolonged duration of time.

4. Stand up and enjoy stability

Another way to maximize the amount of calories burned on stationary bikes is to stand up and peddle while on an upright position. Stationary bikes are stable and therefore provide you with the right atmosphere to do this. Do not put too much weight on the handle bars but instead let it be distributed over the bicycle seat and the hips. Engage the core and increase your resistance.

5. Increase and decrease riding speed in intervals

You can also increase the amount of calories burned by biking at a slow pace before accelerating to higher speeds and then reducing the same in different intervals. However, it is always important to remember that more calories are burned when biking at high intensity and as the body is pushed to greater speeds for a prolonged amount of time. Riders especially those who are overweight can easily burn 300 to 400 calories depending with the resistance, the speed and the amount of time spent on a stationary bike. Engaging in these exercises for 30 minutes to 1 hour per day will help achieve great results.

Remember that the longer you stay on your bike each day the more calories and fat you will burn therefore staying on top of your game.

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